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Why Play Volleyball

Why Play Volleyball?

Tsunami has had a long tradition of excellence in volleyball. The Club has won a National Championship, Regional Championships, and a host of other tournaments and events.

At Tsunami players learn the importance of teamwork. In no other sport, is the importance of teamwork great than in volleyball. Teams are not capable of reaching high levels unless everyone is contributing. The purpose of most of the training in volleyball is to fine tune the interaction among teammates. Since the playing surface of the court is so limited (30’ x 30’), the importance of communication and coordination of movements as one unit is very important.    

Volleyball is still a relatively new sport for many college and university athletic programs, and the opportunities to play in college are abundant. With the approval of sand volleyball as a sanctioned sport in the NCAA, more opportunities have been opened up.

It’s Fun!!! It really doesn’t require a whole lot of skill to have fun.   Volleyball is a sport that can be enjoyed for a life time (USA Volleyball’s adult nationals has a 70 and over age group for women). It is also a great way to meet new friends. When players learn to trust each other on the court, these bonds carry over off the court as well, and often times last for a lifetime.

Volleyball is a great source of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Practices and matches keep us away from passive pursuits such as watching TV and video games.

Can teach the value of risk taking, and breaking down limits. In practice and in games, aggressive and fearless attitudes are encouraged.

Volleyball teaches the importance of goal setting and hard work. Whether it is individual goals or team goals, players immediately find the value in goal setting and working hard on achieving these goals. There is no better feeling in sports and in life in creating goals, and doing everything you can possibly do to reach them.

Volleyball helps you learn to deal with setbacks. Volleyball is a very competitive sport in which there is a winner or loser in each rally, and to excel as a player and team it is necessary to learn how to play with composure and persevere through tough situations.

Volleyball teaches the value of sportsmanship. The volleyball community is a tight knit group, and the respect and admiration for opponents is very high because of this common bond of this sport. Players learn to compete with high levels of sportsmanship.