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COVID 19 Alert

Covid 19 Alert

While it is impossible to remove all risk, the Tsunami Center is arguably one of the cleanest gym facilities in the country.  Our cleaning protocols have been studied around the country by other clubs, universities, and school districts.  

Mask - All unvaccinated players and coaches must wear mask while in the building unless actively playing. 

Contact Tracing List - We maintain a list of everyone that participates in a practice, clinic or class. Should someone test positively for the virus, we are able to trace players that were in the building or immediately after the infected individual and notify them.

Site Sanitation  - Our facility is sprayed regularly using Zep FS Amine Z, a CDC and EPA-approved, sanitizing, no-rinse spray.  If you've been in our gym, you may have seen our broadcast sprayer spray cart, or the backpack pump sprayer, or the battery operated handheld sprayer as we've SANITIZED our spaces.  We clean each court minimizing the possibility of cross-contamination due to our facility.

UV-C Light Box - We have constructed a UV-C light box using hospital-grade UV-C lights.  UV-C is known to clean surfaces, eliminating contaminants (viruses, flu, cold germs).  This is how hospitals clean their rooms, and we're using it to clean our equipment.

Social distancing -   All attendees are encouraged to maintain social-distancing during activities.  

Hand Sanitizer is available on all courts.



If you are a current player with Tsunami and you have have been exposed to COVID19 or have tested positive for COVID19, but complete the appropriate survey below.


  • If your player is exposed to COVID (anywhere, not just at volleyball), please fill out the EXPOSURE SURVEY

  • If your player tests positive for COVID, please fill out the POSITIVE SURVEY.


For any additional COVID19 questions, please contact


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