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COVID 19 Alert

Covid 19 Alert

Here is the plan for maximizing our safety during COVID 19: 

  • We have hung a nets to isolate courts that should eliminate cross contamination issues between teams with volleyballs.  
  • We have put a minimum of a 30 min buffer in between sessions to clean balls, courts, chairs, carts, etc.
  • Each team is being given a full ball cart.  We have created a UVC light box that will sanitize all the balls in 10 minutes.  These WILL be cleaned before and after every session.
  • We are spraying the courts, nets, chairs, boxes, bathrooms, and carts before and after every practice with an EPA certified, no-rinse sanitizer.  This is the same cleaner restaurants use on plates and glasses.
  • Hand sanitizer on the court at all times.
  • There is a person working the front desk to maintain a contact tracing list.  Each athlete, parent, and visitor has to scan in upon arrival.  We are recording temperatures for every person entering the building.  We are also recording when every person leaves the building.  Should there be an athlete that tests positively for the virus, we will be able to notify every person that had the potential to contact the virus.
  • If you have not already printed out your Covid 19 Waiver, please use the link below to do so. 

While we can't bring the risk to 0%, we are doing everything we can to minimize the risk of spreading the disease.