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North Clinics


Tsunami now offers private and small group lessons by appointment. Most of these clinics will be before 5pm or early Sunday as gym space is limited. You can contact your favorite coach to make an appointment. Please confirm your coach’s schedule BEFORE paying for a class.  The price posted is for a 1-on-1 lesson, but if you invite friends to share the lesson time with you, the cost decreases based on the number of players.

Coach Level Age Cost Email to schedule Registration
Coach Dustin Choe Head Coach 13-1/ 15-1 Elite Advanced / Elite 14U-18U $100 Email Coach Dustin Register
Coach Trung Huynh Head Coach 17-1 National All Levels 14U-18U $100 Email Coach Trung Register
Coach Huy Hoang Head Coach 16-2 Elite All Levels 12U-17U $100 Email Coach Huy Register
Coach Erin Preston Head Coach 14-1 National All Levels 12U-16U $100 Email Coach Erin Register
Coach Kealy Roelofs Head Coach 14-1 Elite All Levels 12U-16U $100 Email Coach Kealy Register
Any Available Coach All Levels 10U-16U $100 Email North Clinics Register